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Liquid Marseilles Soap with Olive Oil & Hand Cream

Liquid Soap
Hand Cream
You can use the Marseilles soap with olive oil to wash your hands and as a shower gel. It gently cleanses skin of the whole body without drying it. Thanks to the oil base, the soap takes care of your skin already during the washing. In addition to olive oil, the soap contains coconut oil as well. Both oils are very nutritious, coconut oil also has a slightly disinfectant effect, which is suitable for daily hand washing. Marseilles soap belongs to the products that have had a long lasting tradition in France.

Marseilles soap is made of plant-based oils, traditionally of olive oil, later also of palm fat. The soap is boiled in large boilers for several days under constant stirring. In France, Marseilles soap is used to wash and clean anything - from laundry to washing sensitive baby skin. The liquid form of Marseilles soap is perfect for washing hands and as a shower gel.